Our expansive collection features impeccably crafted jewellery from the Atelier accented with handpicked pieces in a diversity of styles from the internationally acclaimed fine jewellery brands that we partner with.

The Love Diamond Engagement Rings | SUEN

The Love Diamond

The Love Diamond by SUEN, is no ordinary diamond. Cut to the most stringent of standards, it is a true gem of ultimate beauty and radiance, surpassing even the ordinary “ideal cut” diamond. This solitaire diamond is so precisely cut and painstakingly polished that every one of its 58 facets is matched and aligned in perfect harmony. And radiating from inside - eight perfect hearts and eight perfect arrows, the perfect symbol of your everlasting love.

Discover The Love Diamond exclusively at SUEN. 

FOPE Italian Fine Jewellery | Flexible 18k Gold Bracelets | SUEN


Established in 1929 in Vicenza, near Venice, FOPE proudly combines the work of skilled craftsmen to the precision of state-of-the-art machines and continues to grow under the guidance of the founding family. Each piece of jewellery is created in-house and guarantees the highest quality whilst presenting a quintessentially Italian idea of style.

The FOPE collections share a distinctive character given by the signature Novencento gold mesh chain they feature, but the brand's ultimate success is Flex’it, a patented invention launched in 2007 which makes 100% gold bracelets flexible.

Discover FOPE at SUEN and SEIBU Ground Floor, The Exchange TRX.

Giorgio Visconti Italian Fine Jewellery | SUEN


Handmade in Italy since 1924, every Damiani creation encapsulates the union between the family’s passion for jewellery, handed down for three generations now and the passion for research and design carried out by its team of creatives and master goldsmiths in Valenza. 

Every jewel is a unique work of art, handcrafted by expert goldsmiths and the result of unique designs, great attention to detail and the use of high-quality gems. Thanks to the quality of the gemstones and precision processing, Damiani jewellery symbolises the refined excellence of Italian goldsmith’s art.

Discover Damiani at SEIBU Ground Floor, The Exchange TRX.

NANIS - IVY Necklace

Hodel Switzerland

Hodel Switzerland combines their nascent love of precision craftsmanship with their passion for pearls. The result is finely sculpted jewellery that perfectly captures the magical essence of the world’s finest pearls. The exclusive jewellery brand’s deep respect for the natural quality of the gem is seen in their refusal to use any artificial colouring.

Discover Hodel at SUEN and SEIBU Ground Floor, The Exchange TRX.

Hodel Switzerland | Pearl Jewellery | SUEN

Giorgio Visconti

Giorgio Visconti combines the excellence of the Italian goldsmithing tradition with contemporary and innovative design; providing the joy of affordable luxury to lovers of the elegance of Italian production with jewellery to be worn, enjoyed, or passed down as precious items.

Today the founder’s sons, Andrea and Fabrizio, follow in their father’s footsteps with the spirit and awareness of preserving a heritage of goldsmithing tradition, expert craftsmanship, and jewellery innovation and creativity.

Discover Giorgio Visconti exclusively at SUEN.

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