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The 4C's of Diamonds

Every diamond is unique, akin to a fingerprint or a snowflake. Discover how cut, carat, clarity and colour contribute to the beauty of your diamond.


The beauty of a diamond is predominantly determined by its cut which refers to the manner that a diamond is shaped and polished to give it brilliance and fire. Amongst the 4C's, cut is the only element that is within the control of human effort.

Ideal Proportions

Proportions play a significant role in the cut of a diamond. The most beautiful diamonds are cut to strictly defined cut proportions to ensure the maximum return of brilliant light, dispersed light and scintillation from a diamond. If a diamond is cut too deep, a dark centre will emerge in the stone. On the other hand, a diamond that is cut too shallow will set off a dull hollow appearance.

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Perfect Symmetry

The symmetry of a diamond points towards how identical and exact the size and placement of each of its facet is. Below are some examples of perfect and imperfect symmetry.

Perfect Polish

The polish of a diamond refers to its surface finish. To achieve perfect polish, the surfaces must be even and flat, with no polishing lines, graining or burn marks.

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The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. A carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams (or 100 points). Diamonds are priced according to weight categories; the larger the stone, the more expensive, reflecting increasing natural rarity. Weight, however, does not equate to diameter; thus, reinforcing the importance of cut.

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Diamonds may appear colourless, but in reality, they have traces of yellow or brown in them. When it comes to colours, less is more. Diamond colour grades range from colourless D to light yellow Z. D colour is considered the best and rarest, thus it will be the most desired and most valuable.

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Like humans, diamonds are not perfect – they come with flaws. These flaws influence the clarity grading of a diamond which is determined by the size, location and the number of tiny natural marks, known as inclusions, present in most diamonds. These marks are deemed to be the “fingerprints” of a diamond, making each stone unique with its own set of identifying characteristics. The clarity grade of a diamond is determined under 10x magnification and generally does not affect the beauty of the diamond.

Fancy Cut Diamonds: Pear-shaped diamond ring | Marquise cut diamond ring | Princess cut diamond ring

Fancy Cut Diamonds

Round, heart-shaped, oval, princess…there's a cut for every taste and preference, each bestowed with their own unique charm and captivating appeal.

cut princess

Princess cut diamond
Shine and sparkle above the rest! Power-packed with a sparkly punch, the popular princess cut reflects a modern, edgy charm to complement diamond jewellery. This cut perfectly captures an intriguing profile, providing exceptional brilliance to ensure it never goes unnoticed.

cut princess

Oval cut diamond
Brilliant and very feminine, the oval cut diamond truly stands out on its own. Combining the brilliance of the round diamond and a unique elongated shape which makes it look larger than a round diamond, a well-cut oval is perfectly accentuated with its polished elegance.

cut princess

Pear-shaped diamond
The graceful pear-shaped cut diamond is unlike any other. Its graceful silhouette starts with a rounded end and tapers into a summit point that makes it recognisable instantaneously. Elegant and luxurious, it is a flattering choice for vintage, modern, and classic looks that will keep compliments coming from all directions.

cut princess

Emerald cut diamond
Glam it up with an emerald-cut diamond! First used in the 20s and rose into popularity during the Art Deco movement, this cut continues to steal the spotlight today with its sleek, clean profile that reveals a sophisticated edge for modern engagement rings. Its distinctive long facets extending down the sides express the understated beauty of the diamond, making its opulent appeal impossible to replicate.

cut princess

Marquise cut diamond
Brimming with historic charm, the marquise cut diamond will make our heart sing with its classic yet whimsical shape resembling a smile. 60 facets highlight its profile, creating an exceptionally sparkly diamond befitting even for the royals. This cut is utterly stunning from every angle and has the ability to make fingers look thinner and longer.

cut princess

Cushion cut diamond
Ignite the fiery passion that rests within you. The cushion cut diamond confidently radiates a quiet opulence that tugs at your desire for the finer things in life. While this pillow-shaped diamond is generally less brilliant than round cut ones, it still exudes immense fire and a unique vintage allure that makes it the third most popular diamond cut.

cut princess

Heart-shaped cut diamond
Love comes in many forms; in a diamond like the heart-shaped cut, love is a literal manifestation of passion and romance in their purest forms. The beauty of this stone is in its perfect symmetry where each side is a pristine mirror image of the other. Exquisitely brilliant with breathtaking light performance, this romantic cut is a statement piece that evokes a lifetime of love, beauty and luxury.

The SUEN Difference

We graciously invite you to be acquainted with the SUEN difference. We recognise that every diamond is as unique as our client. Thus, regardless of the carat weight, each diamond is meticulously examined and hand-selected to ensure only the most brilliant are selected. Most of our diamonds are GIA certified excellent cuts. At SUEN, our goal is for you to experience the best in quality and brilliance, the deserving gem that lasts for generations.

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