Damiani: Refined Jewels Of Unmistakable Style 

Every Damiani jewel is a unique work of art, handcrafted by expert goldsmiths and the result of unique designs, great attention to detail and the use of high-quality gems.

Damiani; Belle Époque | SUEN

Belle Époque 

Meticulously taking care of the smallest details and entirely handmade by the skillful master goldsmiths who only select the most precious stones, the collection expresses the refined beauty of modern divas: women who have made their character and personality their signature.

Damiani; Margherita | SUEN



The collection is characterized by an entirely handmade floral element inspired by the Margherita flower – a beautiful blossom much loved in Italy and often given by sweethearts to express pure love and blissful romance. Its geometric design is embellished by precious gems carefully selected by the master goldsmiths of Valenza; giving the creations a refined and timeless allure.

Damiani, D.icon | SUEN

D. Icon 

The collection is the latest evolution of the goldsmith’s art: Damiani’s craftsmen of Valenza have introduced Hi-Tech ceramic to the traditional goldsmith process, creating an elegant, joyful and glamorous collection characterized by a unique and modern design.

Damiani, | SUEN


Mimosa is inspired by the flower of the same name chosen as a symbol of womanhood and femininity. The precious stones are set, just like the Mimosa flower, to create a precious sense of “apparent chaos”, a design that magnifies the jewel’s three- dimensionality and enhances its dazzling brightness.

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