WHAT'S NEW ▶︎ FOPE: Anywhere, Anytime 

FOPE: Anywhere, Anytime 

The narrative of Everyday Luxury continues, with FOPE jewellery once again standing out for the extreme comfort of wearing and contemporary design in their latest collection.

Eka Chokers | FOPE


Eka Chokers  

Following the successful launch of the Flex’it necklaces from the Solo collection, this year, the brand chooses to encapsulate a youthful and bold spirit within the innovative Eka chokers.

D-click clasp | FOPE


D-click Clasp  

The D-click clasp emerges as a distinctive feature, a singular creation elevating the gold mesh with its innovative design. This unique mechanism allows wearers to combine necklaces for more styling options. 

Bicolour Must Have | FOPE


Bicolour Must Have 

The Must Have range remains the embodiment of FOPE's true DNA: a fresh take on the gold mesh results in the unveiling of the new bicolour bracelet, offering remarkable pairings with the Essentials rings introduced by the brand in recent years.


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