FOPE Black Diamond Collection

With its black diamond and gold jewellery, FOPE addresses the dynamic man who works, travels, and goes everywhere with his usual self-confidence. He's a man with character who loves comfort and practicality and knows what it means to be elegant, whatever the situation. He is the living embodiment of the contemporary concept of Everyday Luxury, and rewrites his own rules day by day.

Black Diamond | FOPE


Technology Behind The Flex’it Bracelet 

The gold mesh in Flex’it jewellery hides dozens of tiny springs in 18k gold that make it extendable, a FOPE invention that the brand patented.

Research and Development form the basis of its output that applies robotics to jewellery, focusing the work of its goldsmiths on precision interventions such as the clasp of the Flex'it bracelets.

Black Diamond | FOPE


Flex’it Rings – Style & Comfort 

FOPE's Flex’it rings offer design, comfort and plenty of innovation. The 18k white and rose gold are expandable, making them wonderfully comfortable to wear, with the black diamonds - also available in princess cuts - being the distinguishing feature of the lines in the Vendôme and Panorama collections.

Black Diamond | FOPE

Gold Cufflinks

For the most elegant occasions, the FOPE men's jewellery line comprises a wide range of 18k gold cufflinks too, which are also available with diamonds.



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