Marina B: Jewellery As A Work Of Art  

Marina B has a rich heritage and a reputation for superbly chic high jewellery of impeccable design and workmanship. Under the new creative direction of Guy Bedarida, Marina B jewellery is experiencing a rebirth. New collections are inspired by Marina’s signature designs with innovative, bold and colourful elements for a new generation of Marina B clients.

Piccolina Collection | Marina B


The New, Everyday Collection 

Trisolina is Guy Bedarida’s fresh take on the popular Trisola design, initially created by Marina Bulgari. Made in Italy in 18k gold and diamonds, Trisolina is a modern interpretation of the iconic Italian tubagos design.

Classic Collection | Marina B


The Classic Fine Jewellery Collection 

From the light, delicate and playful Trina collection to the iconic Simona and the Soleil collection that draws upon the traditions of Southern Italy’s coast, Marina B’s classics are equal parts captivating and refined.

High Jewellery Collection | Marina B


The High Jewellery Collection

Elegant and glamorous, featuring candy coloured gemstones, Marina B’s high jewellery collection showcases jewellery as a work of art. From Crisilla reversible pendant to the cabochon gemstone rings, they are truly a sight to behold. 



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