Nanis Italian Jewels

Infusing modernity with the traditional art of Italian jewellery, Nanis rewrites the concept of luxury to fully express the contemporary woman through the precious language of gold.

Nanis Italian Jewels | SUEN


An unconventional, dynamic, elegant and casual collection, but above all open to any interpretation. Originating from the word “liberate”, the collection rewrites idea of the rigid chain into one that is light, dynamic and bold at the same time.

Nanis Italian Jewels | SUEN


This collection masterfully sublimates luxury, elegance and versatility with its timeless 18kt gold and diamond jewels that, with a simple touch, almost by magic, change their shape, adapting to every occasion.

Nanis Italian Jewels | SUEN


The warmth of hand-engraved 18kt gold meets the freshness and vibrancy of extraordinary coloured gems in the Ipanema collection. The uniqueness of each gem make each piece of jewel truly one-of-a-kind.

Nanis Italian Jewels | SUEN


Paisley, a motif with ancient origins is remade into bold and sensual jewels characterised by their lightness and sinuosity. 

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