Pearls are expressions of natural luxury, reflected in their perfectly formed spheres or lustrous baroques. With a wide variety of shimmering colours to pleasure the eyes, pearls are also warm to the touch, waking up our senses to the beauty that exists around us.

Akoya pearls


A true classic, Akoya pearls are typically the first pearl strand or pair of earrings a woman starts her collection with. A lustrous sensation and a pristinely polished look are hallmarks of the Akoya pearl, known for its perfectly round shape and mirror-like surface that emerge into well-matched pearl strands. 

Most pearls are white to grey with pink, green or silver overtones. A rare variety is the blue Akoya pearl. The size of the Akoya pearl makes it easy to style on its own or layered. 

South Sea pearls

South Sea

A gorgeous glow radiates from within the South Sea Pearl, emanating class and exuberance at the same time. Described as having a “satiny” look, the South Sea Pearl’s luster is softer in appearance compared to the Akoya pearl.

Typically larger in size compared to other types of pearls, they are found in colors ranging from optic white to a deep, honey gold with hues of yellow and champagne in between. Only a small percentage of South Seas are spherical making full strands of matched pearls extremely rare.

Tahitian Pearls


Be ready to razzle and dazzle with Tahitian pearls. Shimmering with a rainbow of famous overtones (called secondary colours), most commonly Peacock, Green, Rose, Aquamarine, Silver/Steel and Copper, these pearls overflow with a vibrant personality that blends graceful brilliance with playful nuances.

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