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Embark on a journey of luxury and style as you step into the new DAMIANI, FOPE, Nanis Italian Jewels and Hodel boutiques at SEIBU, The Exchange, TRX.

SEIBU | Damiani



Founded in Valenza in 1924, Damiani is an Italian jewellery company known worldwide for its fine creations. The Maison is the only jeweller in the world to have won as many as 18 Diamonds International Awards, the Oscar of the international jewellery world.




The second FOPE presence in Kuala Lumpur following the initial shop-in-shop at SUEN, this boutique seamlessly embodies the brand's iconic green and white colour scheme, a signature design element also found in their London, Venice, Isola Bella, Tokyo, and Dubai locations.

SEIBU | Nanis


Nanis Italian Jewels

Infusing modern style into the ancient art of Italian jewellery, Nanis creates iconic, contemporary, and versatile fine jewellery that embody the artistry and sophistication that define the brand. Discover jewellery made for the dynamic modern woman.

SEIBU | Hodel

Hodel Switzerland

Explore lustrous pearl jewellery designed to draw out the full beauty and feminine charm of each gem. Every single piece of jewellery is crafted to appreciate the natural luster, shape and colour of the pearls, to create the genuinely unique, and distinctive HODEL jewellery.

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Immerse yourself in the fine creations of these world renowned brands at the new boutiques located at the ground floor at SEIBU, The Exchange, TRX.

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