SUEN x Khoon Hooi: A Limited Collection Featuring The Jewel Of Heaven

This first-time collaboration, made up of five limited Jadeite jewellery, perfectly blends SUEN’s affinity for high-quality precious gemstones together with Khoon Hooi’s rich and vibrant design aesthetic. 

SUEN x Khoon Hooi


The Art of Carving | SUEN

The Art Of Carving 

A craft steeped in history and tradition, jade carving is a true artform. Featured in this pair of exquisite earrings are two intricately carved imperial green jadeite surrounded by swirls of white diamonds, dripping with vivid green emeralds.

Symbols Of Heaven | SUEN

Symbols Of Heaven

A traditional form of jade, the flat disc “bi” jade with a hole in the middle symbolises heaven. Its allure lies in its voluminous nature that emanates an enigmatic glow from within.

Auspicious Heirlooms | SUEN

Auspicious Heirlooms 

Each piece of jadeite is a work of art created by nature and shaped by human hands. Truly one-of-a-kind, each design in the collection is limited to only one piece – a unique jewel to be enjoyed exclusively for generations to come. 

Outfit from Khoon Hooi’s CNY 2022 Collection

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