The 2021 Brilliant Jewels Collection

Brilliant Jewels features a spectrum of colours found in the spectacular world of gemstones. Starring the rarest gemstones, uniquely coloured jewels and the most sparkling diamonds, the collection is an invitation to explore mother nature’s immense beauty.

SUEN | Brilliant Jewels Collection; Tsavorite and Pink Sapphire Ring


SUEN | Padparadscha and Diamond Ring

The Rarest Gemstones

From the ultra-rare Padparadscha Sapphire and its unique blend of colours said to resemble a beautiful sunset and a lotus flower to the rarest garnet, the Tsavorite, these one-of-a-kind gems are treasured by gemstone connoisseurs around the world.

In pic: Certified unheated cushion Madagascar padparadscha (5.02 cts), 1 pair of half moon diamond (total weight: 0.76 ct), set in 18K yellow and white gold. 

SUEN | Madagascar Ruby and Diamond Ring

Uniquely Coloured Jewels

The kaleidoscope of colours available in the spectacular world of gemstones never fail to take our breaths away. Everything from the pops of red to the most vivid blues and lush greens – there is much to fall in love with.

In pic: Certified unheated cushion Madagascar (3.54 cts), 16 pieces of round brilliant diamonds (total weight: 1.81 cts), set in 18K white gold.  


SUEN | Emerald and Diamond Necklace


SUEN | Pear Shape Diamond Bracelet and Ring

The Most Sparkling Diamonds

Whether paired with other gemstones or on its own, SUEN diamonds sparkle from every angle, capturing attention and changing the energy in the room.

In pic:  87 pieces of pear shape diamonds (total weight: 17.06 cts), set in 18K white gold. 

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