The Women Behind SUEN

In honour of International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting the women behind SUEN. From jewellers, designers, artisans to gemologists, each one is as multifaceted, strong and brilliant as the gems they work with.

The Women Behind SUEN: Suen Lee, CEO & Founder

As Founder and CEO of her namesake brand, Suen Lee attributes much of her success to being resilient and adaptable. “I’ve always been a quick thinker and decision maker. That has helped me a lot in life,” she says. Whether raising her children or running a business, through all the uncertainties that come with them, her focus on the end goal is what drives her forward. 

The Women Behind SUEN: Kat Leong, Marketing Director

A proud breast cancer survivor, Kat knows how fast life can change. She credits her greatest strength – both personally and professionally – to her diagnosis. “The perspective I derived from the physical, mental and emotional challenges is something I draw on every day.” 

This has served her well as she worked her way through different areas of fine jewellery – from Jeweller to Assistant Production Manager to now, Marketing Director – to immerse herself fully into her passion.

The Women Behind SUEN: Lin Tan, Gemologist & Jeweller

A fiercely independent woman, Lin Tan fell in love with the beautiful, chromatic world of gems at a very young age but did not pursue it as a career till much later in life. Today, a certified Gemologist and Jeweller with over 20 years of experience. 

Whilst she counts herself lucky to be able to follow her passion, she says, “Patience, perseverance and hard work are what got me here. Every day presents a different challenge that I choose to see as opportunities to learn, grow and evolve.” 

The Women Behind SUEN: Shiela Osman, Jewellery Designer

A creative at heart, Jewellery Designer Shiela’s strength is to find beauty in the everyday. 

This practice has impacted her not only personally but  professionally in her designs. “Everything I see becomes an inspiration, an idea for a new piece and the joy I feel from them, I imbue into my creations.”

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