Give From The Heart:
Celebrate With The Love Diamond

What can be a more perfect expression of love than The Love Diamond? A diamond so exquisitely beautiful, it will win any heart eight times over.

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Heart-shaped dimaond bracelet and earrings | TLD Hearts | SUEN

Introducing TLD Hearts Collection

Elegantly simple, sleek and refined, each piece from the TLD Hearts collection displays a spectacular sparkle and brilliance, echoing what it feels like to love and be loved.

Diamond blossom earrings and pendant | TLD Blossom | SUEN

A No Ordinary Diamond

Masterfully cut and painstakingly polished, each one the Love Diamond’s 57 facets is perfectly aligned, presenting from within 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows.

TLD A Beautiful Duet - Presented by SUEN

Stellar Beauty

Whether stacked or worn by its own, the innate beauty of the Love Diamond immortalised in mesmerising collections will make everyday a little bit brighter.



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